Thursday, April 19, 2012

we have a winner and what command of the english language

Kari *oss***bust@*****

to me
Hi, I feel obligated to tell you just how moronic your stupid fucking website is. So much information is wrong, and you sound like an uneducated, ignorant moron. First of all, no beaches? Have you EVER heard of the Indiana dunes? An amazing huge beach off lake Michigan in northern Indiana. Secondly, I am a indiana born college graduate of purdue university, and my major is biophysics---Am I an idiot? I doubt you even know what bio physics is you fucking moron. I have lived in Utah, California and Nevada, so I have lived 'all over' as you like to say, and I still love my home Indiana. You are clearly very unintelligent and ignorant and your website is essentially one large piece of evidence showing what a fucking brainless idiot you are. Fuck off and die you ignorant, sad, Uneducated little cunt. Thanks!


to Kari
thank you  fucking "HOOSIER"!!!!!!!!!!  People like you make me so FUCKING happy that I moved out of your godforsaken place .
Are you an idiot? I don't know. Someone as educated as you claim to be overlooked that I did not say EVERYBODY there sucks, but clearly you do. I am so sorry I had no idea there was a "Beach" off Lake Michigan. An ignorant sad uneducated little cunt like myself grew up with real beaches with OCEANS!!!!!!
a shame you have so little in your life that you have nothing better to do. Go have some babies , and get a sense of humor.

Friday, February 17, 2012

weve got Fan Mail!!!!!

first one = Subject "Fuck You Slanderer" ha! sounds like my kind of people, not!

read on!
Dear Fellow Hoosier,

I found your website entitled, "Indiana sucks." I must salute you on your originality--the name was truly ingenious and thought provoking. All sarcasm aside, slandering an entire state is absolutely ridiculous. I am sure that you lived in a terrible place, but there is absolutely no way that you can say with certain that Indiana is an entire shithole of a place. As a Hoosier, I can stay that Indiana is a terrific place to grow up in. I hope that you are banished to live in the god-forsaken city of Gary Indiana for the rest of your life.

XXXXXXX- I wont be a "Hoosier" and Leave his real name. first off, Im not a Hoosier, Just lived there for awhile, and if  this Hoosier actually took the time to read my site, he would have seen that there were some, very few but some mentions of cool stuff. but if he wants to be proud to defend his state, all power to him. I must say I appreciate his taking time off from mowing or snow blowing to write!.

Fan Mail Part 2:
the other side of the coin- read on:

I agree 100 percent that this place sucks, it is the armpit of the nation and I don't care how much deodorant you put on it still stinks. But we do have beaches even though they have the back ground of the mills, we got them on the beautiful and polluted lake Michigan. Even though they get shut down every other day due to ecoli floaters, I love the smell of shit when I go to the beach. Indiana Sucks. Love your site,

Friday, August 19, 2011

Fan Mail !

another reason this state sucks, people like this narrow minded person who gives the cool residents of this state a bad name- thanks for the feedback HOOSIER!

You know, I actually agree that Indiana sucks, but your website sucks so much more that I found myself wanting to defend my state! That's pretty bad, when you fail to make your point so horrendously that you make people who agree with you want to argue against you! Your website design is aggravating, repetitive and uninteresting. The things you list as your reasons for the state sucking, for the most part, aren't bad things. I keep waiting for the explanation of why, say, the tulip tree being the state tree is a problem, or why their primary crop being corn is something to get ruffled up about...uh...who cares?( UH these are just basic facts about the state,Not reasons it sucks, moron!) That doesn't exactly make a state suck! You might at least have a point if you are going to go to all the trouble of creating a website. And since you said that the state's lack of alcohol sales on Sunday would have affected your choice to move here if you have known about it, I have to wonder just how mature you are in the first place. What age are we talking? 24? Maybe less? And if you have to be a loser alcholic bum, you can't manage to buy what you need on Saturday? Or is the drinking so continuous that you can't possibly buy enough on Sat. to last through? What the hell? (It's Called a Sense of Humor, Get one!)
In short, I came to your website with high hopes, but PEEEE YEWWW, your website is what sucks. Indiana is lacking in a lot of things, but what it most needs to be lacking, apparently, is YOU. ( Opinions are like assholes and clearly you are one of them ! oh and I guess you didnt notice the good things mentioned as well)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fridge Shopping Hell? is it just me? or wtf?

Old Fridge Dies...Replace it. Simple? no!

First Stop , Mennards in Fishers on 96th. looked around, found a couple of maybes. A nice employee answered a couple of questions about warranty, and delivery & said there was a rebate available too.

next 2  right down the street Home depot and  then Lowes. shitty selections in both places and no customer service or even half assed attempt by bored employees to acknowledge us .

then we went back to Mennards (fishers) to  buy the first one from the nice man, but he was gone for the day. we were ASSisted by a condescending bitch with a bad hair dye job ( sort of like she had her period but on her head) who tried to sell us on a different size fridge, despite us telling her the dimensions of our old one. we need one close to that size or slightly smaller. we told her again the one we wanted. I suppose she wanted us to get a more expensive one. She was annoying, and when she told us a higher delivery fee than the other guy said  and that there was no rebate( other guy said there was) we walked out.

Next Stop : Fry's Electronics. I for the most part like this place. we found a bunch of fridges. It came down to a whirlpool or some off brand from the far east, itchypussy or something like that. we picked the whirlpool, delivery and bought the extended warranty. filled out paperwork, waited for something to go through and finally proceed to the cashier to pay. we write a check. they take checks. however since they have an antique check verifying system from the 90's they had to actually call my bank to verify the check. most banks don't have humans who answer the phone ,mine is no exception. So either the cashier could not get through to a live person she couldnt verify the check and do we have another form of payment?? nope, not my fault your POS /check system is old. Is this not Fry's ELECTRONICS?? Even wal mart takes checks with no hassle.NEXT!

went to Another mennards in Carmel, nice man helped us. picked out the fridge, warranty etc. he goes to ring it up and it keeps coming up at a higher price than the tag on it. AGGHHHHHHHHHHHH. nice man said they don't let him change prices. but if we take the paperwork to the customer service desk with the tag showing the lower price, it can be changed there. ok so we did, it took them a few tries but finally they were able to correct it, set up delivery time and send us to the cashier to pay, which we did with a check.

Why the fuck is it so hard to buy things?? Everyone talks about the recession and nobody is buying anything and retail is slow. yeah I 'm sure it is but when someone does try to spend money only to be put through the ringer , maybe there is another problem.
I suppose this could happen anywhere but it happened in Indiana and Indiana sucks dick.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A little bit of heaven in the middle of hell

it was a Saturday morning as per the norm, we awoke late and hungover. The decision was made to forage for food. We decided to try somewhere new. Being vegetarians , we decided on a burger place that looked intriguing. Off to Boogie Burger on Broad Ripple....They had just moved into a new location, with seating inside and outside. it was early so there were only a few people inside. we went to the counter to order and were happy to see not 1 but 2  veggie burger options. you can customize your burger pretty much how you want it. we got our burgers and split an order of garlic fries( yum) by the time we finished our lunch the place was packed. All I can say is fucking Awesome food! Fucking Awesome place. Give them a try, but get there early! btw did i mention how fucking awesome they are?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Britton Tavern- dont get the nachos!

we went to the Britton Tavern , it looked like a pretty ok place. it sucked, but just kinda sucked, not totally. The food was so/so, service was really slow. Even though it was practically empty it took nearly 20 minutes until the waitress made an appearance. 

We figured maybe it was an off night so we gave them the benefit of the doubt.We gave them another try
( MISTAKE!!!) Same slow service, same waitress too and again practically empty, but this time the food totally sucked Sucked SUCKED! 
 The worst nachos ever. who puts the cheese on the bottom? and it was some kind of crappy liquid cheese  too. plus everything was cold. WTF?  

 If you go to this place only have drinks at the bar where you might not ignored. they also have bands so the people watching later on might be decent once everyone is good and drunk. But please whatever you do, DO NOT EAT THE NACHOS!!!!!

Indiana Sucks

Welcome! My name is Latrina and I'll be your tour guide!
I decided to start a blog as a companion to my website,

visit the site for the whole sad story and the basics of what , who, how and why this state sucks Green Donkey Dicks. Here I will be bitching about shitty places and things that I encounter that suck, but on occasion will have something to say about the rare times I actually find or see something cool.